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I studied Fine Art at university (and hold a B.A., B.Ed. and M.A in Fine Art, Art Education and Art History respectively) and then pursued a career in that field, working as a museum educator, events programmer, curator and as a secondary school visual arts teacher.  I have lived and worked in Guelph for most of my adult life and I am married and a mother. I am a member of the Guelph Studio Tour and in that community have a in-house studio and also seasonal studios in Haliburton and Longboat Key (Florida). 

The joy of painting full time began in 2008 and continues. Since then, I have exhibited and sold my work in open studios, in juried exhibitions and in real and on-line galleries and my work is held in private collections throughout Canada, the United States and the UK. 



From an early age I have always been someone who worked with a variety of materials and media to create ‘things’. Sometimes those things were functional but mostly they were artful attempts to draw and paint what I saw around me. Over time that passion to depict and communicate those visual experiences led to greater competency, stylistic growth and ultimately experimentation with colour, form and media, which continues today. 

My subject matter is (mostly) recognizable but interpreted in highly personal ways, using vibrant colour, contrast, pattern, varied brushwork, exaggerated lines and stylized shapes. I work mainly in acrylic on canvas and spontaneously add collage papers, pastel, marker, and other media when it feels right. I thrive on change and variety in my work and am always asking myself ‘what if'. Painting for me is a joyful experience and I want my art to communicate that sense of fun and pleasure.

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